First Date Ideas

single parent dating apps

Right, so you have mustered up the courage to download the app and actively use it to connect with maybe one or two like-minded single parents. You have had interesting chats and now feel at ease to finally go on that first date! But where do you go?

Now, we are still going through a pandemic, and although the vaccine is being rolled out rather quickly and things are slowly opening up, we still need to be careful and maintain social distancing, etc. We need to get creative with how we meet up with people while still following government guidelines so our first suggestion is very doable in the current climate but our other two suggestions would work once things open up:

1. Going for a romantic walk in one of London’s scenic walking routes (weather permitting)

This is a really good way to get to know someone in a comfortable relaxed environment while still being able to engage in an activity together which is not too intrusive (it’s not like sitting across each other at a table which could make you feel like you are under the spotlight!). Why not grab a coffee or an ice cream if the weather suits and start chatting while walking in one of the many beautiful paths and routes in London. The beauty of this first date is that it can take place during the day, let’s say a lunch break when the kids are at school or when you can leave the office for lunch or a break. This works even better if you are unable to sort childcare for an evening out and also breaks the ice without the cloudiness in judgment that alcohol might do or the dim lighting of a restaurant or bar where you can’t really see your date properly.

2. A fun activity such as bowling or darts

A great way to break the ice and ease the pressure is engaging in a fun activity where you can both let your hair down and have some fun while getting to know each other. It is also a more of a private outing as it would be just the two of you! You can also get to know another side of a person when you see them engaging in a game or sport. London has many bowling and darts bars where you can have a drink and a bite while you play. It also leaves room, if the date is going well, to possibly extend the evening to a meal elsewhere or a night cap at another venue for a more engaging discussion.

3. A shared interest evening!

Hopefully, you would have gotten to know a little bit about your prospective date through the chat feature on the app so if you find a shared interest such as art or wine or music, you can plan your date around that interest so for example having a night at a museum followed by a dinner somewhere nearby or if you both have a love for jazz you could go to a jazz bar. Finding common interests and enjoying them together is a great way to start your dating journey.

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