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Tips for Dating as a Single Parent


Dating and finding love should be a fun experience, but getting back out there can be daunting, so take your time and be patient. You might not match with anyone you like right away, but keep at it and try to use the experience to clarify the qualities you are looking for in a partner. 

If you meet someone, hit it off and there is a second date on the cards – amazing! If not – then don’t put pressure on yourself to rush straight into another date. 

If you have had a string of successful dates and things are going well, the conversation around meeting the kids might arise. This is an incredibly important step so take your time in considering if everyone involved is ready. If your partner doesn’t feel ready yet, be patient and try not to take it personally.



Being a single Mum or Dad is a full-time job, in fact – it never stops! So finding time to actually go on a date can feel impossible. Be creative. Instead of meeting for an evening drink or dinner date where you’ll need childcare, perhaps suggest an afternoon walk, or even a coffee after the morning school run. 

If you do need childcare then we’d thoroughly recommend using Bubble, the UK’s no.1 sitter app which provides on-demand childcare through it’s network of trusted sitters and nannies. You might find leaving your kids difficult, especially if you haven’t dated for a while, so knowing they are in safe hands is critical to enable you to really relax and enjoy your date. 


The great thing about dating on Playdate is that everyone is in the same boat – you are all single parents! When setting up your profile you can specify your single status, how many kids you have, and if you are looking to have more.
This means everyone is upfront from the start. You can be completely open about having kids, and potentially your want for more (or not!), without the fear of scaring your match off. As parents, you will already have something in common that you can use to break the ice and build a connection around. Being a parent isn’t all that you are, but meeting someone who truly understands what it’s like can be game-changing. 

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