Single Parent Dating: Red Flags

Dating Red Flag

We want the dating experience to be as fun and drama-free for you as possible. Here is our take on some of the red flags to keep your eyes peeled for when chatting on the app or dating in person.

Talking badly about their ex 

Ok, we know everyone might not get on amazingly with their ex, but if your date is going out of their way to insult or speak badly of them, it’s a red flag. It’s not very nice to speak badly of anyone, but badmouthing an ex suggests an inability to take some responsibility for why the relationship ended, and a habit of blaming others. A first date should be the opportunity to make the best impression possible, not insult your ex. 

Their behaviour changes when you mention your kids

While you probably won’t spend the whole date talking about your kids, it’s completely reasonable to want to bring them up in conversation and expect your date to be interested. If they start to zone out, seem disinterested or change the subject, it’s probably not a great sign. As a single parent you’ll be seeking a partner who accepts your kids fully, and showing a lack of interest so early on is not a great start. 

They have kids but don’t see them

If you’ve met someone through Playdate then they will have kids, too. If your date confesses to never seeing their kids and doesn’t give it an exceptional reason why – it’s a warning sign. As a single parent, you’ll understand that parents should want to prioritise their children, and anything that suggests this is not the case should be approached with caution. 

They’re a serial texter

You’re on the app, you’ve matched with someone you like and you’re chatting away. But what if chatting on the app is all they want to do? If they string out messaging for weeks or months and don’t make the effort to meet in person, that could be a cause for concern. Our advice – move on and put your precious time and energy into someone like-minded who takes the initiative to organise a date. 

Your instinct is telling you something it up

Trusting your instinct, your gut, or intuition can be often underestimated. Whatever you call it –  if you get the feeling something is up, it’s probably because there is. With all these tips aside, have confidence in yourself and do what you think feels right for you. 

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