Playdate’s Top Picks: Family Friendly Date Venues

Dating as a single parent can be hard, but we’re here to try and make it as stress-free as possible. When you meet someone on Playdate you can rest assured that they will understand what parenthood is like – as everyone on the app has children. 

If you’ve met someone you connect with and have been dating, you might be thinking about introducing your kids.

If you decide the time is right to meet your respective children, then a family friendly “date” venue could be the way to go. A neutral place will provide the perfect environment for your children to meet your date, and vice versa. Plus, having an activity to do will break the ice as well as keep your children entertained! 

We’ve compiled our London edition of the top places to visit with your partner & kids of all ages. 

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum






A great budget friendly date as the Natural History Museum is completely free. Even if you’re not a history buff, this is a great date option. 

Take in a West End Show


There is something for all tastes but our current favourite Back to the Future, at the Adelphi, is a fun show for all ages!

The Shard

The Shard

This building is fun to look at from the outside, but the views from inside are even better! Offering amazing skyline views of London, you can enjoy a meal or simply enjoy the view. Kids especially will love whizzing up in the lift – 33 floors in 24 seconds!

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

Not just home to world famous beautiful gardens.  There are lots of fun activities taking place throughout the year. We love their outside cinema and picnic that runs in the summer months. 

Richmond Park

Richmond Park Deer

This beautiful park offers tons of space for a long walk or picnic. Plus, the wild deer are a spectacular sight and provide a great talking point for parents and kids alike. 

Nevine Coutry, founder of Playdate, comments “The beauty of London is that you have so much choice, for both romantic dates and family friendly dates. These are some of my favourite spots and I hope that our users agree!”

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